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Couple Give Up Corporate Jobs & Set Off To Start A Business That Every Kid On The Central Coast Will Love – Bounce House Rentals!

For just about every kid that gets invited to their friend’s birthday party, there are a few things we as adults expect to provide for them. We will have cake and ice cream set up for all the little guests. We will set up games, give them some candy, and of course… we will set up a bounce house that they will be jumping in for most of the birthday party.

Well, for David Shepherd, that’s exactly what he believed in providing all the kids here in the north county of San Luis Obispo, but on a much larger scale.  He gave up his safe and secure corporate job he worked at for 10 years to start a business that he feels would be a whole lot more fulfilling for himself and at the same time would bring fun to families in our community.

His business idea?

Building an indoor bounce house family center here on the Central Coast.

He got the idea of providing inflatable bounce house rental when visited an inflatable indoor bounce house family center out of town when day. He and said he had such a great time watching his kids play there while he relaxed and wondered why nobody has thought about building an indoor bounce house facility here in Paso Robles or Atascadero. So he and his wife have decided to make that a reality and build one here.  They have been working incredibly hard to build their vision for an indoor bounce house facility for families to have a place to hang out and have some fun.

Their vision is currently in the works! But in the meantime, They’ve started to get their name out here on the Central Coast by starting things out with their own bounce house rental service called “Hop’s”, which will also be the name of their indoor bounce house facility.

When asking David why he wanted to start his business out with bounce house rentals he simply said because “There was a demand for it. A lot of the bounce house rental services in the north county here don’t provide good customer service. Being from a corporate background of providing excellent customer service, I saw that there was a much-needed demand for that with bounce house rentals.”

Some of the things Hop’s provides is on-time delivery and set up and on time pick up of the bounce houses. Nothing is worse than having a bounce house rental scheduled at 10 am for a party and the bounce house not be set up on time with all the kids anxiously waiting for it to get there.  David tells me that he loves it when the kids all gather around as he starts to put stakes into the ground to set one of his inflatables. He says they get so excited and eager to play! The looks on their faces make it all worth it.

Hop’s also completely cleans and sanitizes all of their bounce house so that their customers will have 100% confidence knowing that their kids will be bouncing around in a clean bounce house. David has had a background in the healthcare services in the past, so he absolutely knows and cares about cleanliness. This is why sanitation for him is one of the most important things he provides his bounce house customers.

He has barely started his business back in February of 2017 and has slowly started to get his brand name of “Hop’s” out here in Paso Robles and Atascadero. He has already received calls from the Atascadero Farmers Market to have his bounce houses set up during those events and it gives him great exposure. He goes out there and sets up his most popular bounce house; the combo bounce house. It’s a bounce house with an attached slide that kids go crazy over.

Hops Bounce House At Atascadero Farmers Market

Hop’s Bounce House currently offers three different size house rentals.

They offer the basic castle bounce house which is your basic bounce house that will fit just about anywhere. They have a combination bounce house with an added slide, which is by far the most popular version that they rent out.

And finally, they have “The Big Boy” that is an obstacle course with double slides.

You can give them a call at 805-441-1940 for their friendly service and to check their pricing and availability.

Hop’s Bounce House is committed to providing great customer service with their bounce house rentals. In fact, they believe in providing great customer service in whatever business a person might get into and renting out bounce houses should not be any different.  They know that making a lasting impression with all of their customers will have them calling them back again and again. They’re also well aware that if they continue to provide top-notch service with their brand name“Hop’s Bounce House”, the word will spread about their up-and-coming indoor bounce house family center that is slowly but surely making its way in Paso Robles.

I will post up an update as soon as that takes place!

David and Laurel Shepherd want to provide a place for kids and families to have fun and create some memories. They are working hard every day to turn their vision into reality. They know it’s going to take some time with finances, getting the perfect location, and spreading the word about what they do.

They are incredibly friendly and professional in what they do and it’s already to starting to show with some of their reviews they are getting online on places like their Facebook page and Yelp. You can see them for yourself. When You look up Hop’s Bounce House on Google.

With those types of reviews and first impressions this couple is already providing, we can only expect to have some great things coming our way when they get their indoor facility up and running. Their place is going to families a great place to hang out and have some fun.

There’s going to be a bunch of kids in the North County that are going to be super excited to get in there and bounce away. They already go nuts for Hop’s Bounce House when it arrives at their house, so just wait till they arrive and visit Hops Bounce House at their house once its up and running.


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