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Appliances At Lowe’s

Need New Fridge, Washer, Dishwasher, Or Microwave? Why Lowe’s Appliance In Paso Robles Is The Place To Buy Them.

Has your fridge stopped cooling?
Has your washer you got at Sears 15 years ago hit its final spin cycle?
Do you get some pretty nasty dishes that just ain’t getting clean in that ancient dishwasher that came with the house you live in God knows how long ago?

If you’re in need for new appliances, whether it’s a new fridge, a new washer, and dryer, a new range or just a full blown kitchenette combo that includes them all, then you shouldn’t look past your local home improvement Lowe’s store in Paso Robles. They have a huge inventory and selection of almost any appliance you may need and the ones that they don’t they can simply special order and get them in about 2 to 3 weeks.

There are a few advantages that you may not be aware of when buying appliances at Lowe’s.

Number 1 – Lowe’s offers great pricing. 

Whether you shop at Best Buy in San Luis Obispo, Home Depot In Atascadero, Idlers in Paso Robles, or even at the local Kmart, all the pricing for appliances are pretty much around the same price. Take it from an appliance specialist in Lowe’s, all these big stores all offer similar pricing and they all have their own set of “exclusive” appliances that they themselves only sell. That’s just how retail works.

The Lowe’s Store in Paso Robles will offer great pricing pretty much year around on everything in stock. They make even bigger sales on special holidays like their big Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and of course the entire holiday season. Look, I’ll be completely honest here. Pretty much any day of the year you will find a deal on Lowe’s appliances.

If for some reason you happen to stroll into the store and find a fridge you totally love that you can fit every snack, juice, leftover, gallons of milk, into every nook and cranny, and find that it’s not on sale, wait it out a few weeks…it will go on sale. They always do.Still…if your fridge has cooled it’s last drink, and the tubs of ice cream are melting onto the ground and you gotta have that fridge, there are more reasons to buy a Lowe’s appliance here in Paso Robles.




Number 2 – FREE Delivery comes with Lowe’s Appliances.

When you buy a Lowe’s appliance they will throw in free delivery to go along with it. Now that is worth it all on its own!

Do you really want to haul a brand new refrigerator in the back of your buddy’s pick up, unload, drop it down and dolly it into your house all by yourself? I think not!

Lowe’s, unlike all the other big box stores, has it’s own delivery crew and delivery trucks in their stores. Other stores like Home Depot hire out a 3rd party to do their deliveries for them. From my understanding, some of these outsourced delivery services simply drop off appliances at a home and call it day after that.

With Lowe’s, the crew will unpackage all of their appliances and remove all the trash so you’re not stuck having to fill out your recycle bin with mountains of cardboard and plastic. The will inspect the appliances for any damage. The will haul it into your home and place it right where you want it, and as long as no gas lines that need to be hooked up to an appliance, they will install and start it up for you all for free. Got a busted up washer that you need to get rid of too? No problem! For $15, Lowe’s appliances department will haul away and recycle that old unit so you don’t gotta deal with it. A terrific deal!

Lowe’s in Paso Robles likes to offer next day delivery on certain appliances within a 30-mile radius but it rarely is able to fulfill the service. They get so many appliance purchases that their delivery crew is often a week behind schedule. However, a brand new Lowe’s in Santa Maria will be opening in late 2017. That will alleviate some of the demand and they can easily do next day deliveries.

Number 3 – Lowes offers appliance installation. 
Even though Lowe’s appliances offer free installation on most of their appliances, there are a few that do require

professional installation. For example, gas ranges and dryers are off hands for the delivery crew for liability reasons.

Lowe’s hires out a local contractor in Paso Robles to go out and install appliances like dishwashers, over the range microwaves, and gas dryers and ranges. For a reasonable fee, they guarantee the quality of the work their contractors do.

Prices range from about $99 for a microwave and around $150 for a gas appliance. Additional mileage is added for places that are out more than 20 miles from the Paso Robles store. For the most part, the prices are within the prices you would pay just about any contractor to install your appliances. The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to waste your time finding a contractor and set up a time to get things done. Lowe’s will handle all of that for you and the price also includes removing and recycling of your old units too. Pretty sweet deal.

Number 4 – Lowe’s treats their employees well.

Did you know that one of the many reasons people love eating at In-N-Out (besides their burgers being delicious!) is because a lot of people know that In-n-Out pays their employees a decent wage and treats them well.

Lowe’s treats their employees right. They pay them a good wage, offer them health benefits, and even lower priced stock prices on their stock to go along with their 401K.

Have you ever noticed that at Lowe’s, when you walk in, the employees there will put in some effort to help out? Yea, I know…you always get some bad apples at any place you work, but for the most part, Lowe’s employees care. How many times do you walk into a retail store and see people that are just miserable and could care less about customer service? Lowe’s tries its best to get their employees involved and make them feel a part of something bigger. They allow for growth for the individual that make an effort to get ahead.

To me, it always feels good to do business with a company that treats its workers well. They are a big company that acts like a small hometown business. That’s always a good thing to see.

Number 5 – Lowes appliances offers a 30-day guarantee.

Lowes appliances offer it’s customers a 30-day guarantee on all of their appliances. If you purchase an appliance at Lowe’s and have it installed and for any reason, you are not happy, simply call them up for a refund or switch it out for something you prefer.

Ever worry that the fridge you purchase might not look good in its spot after you hook it up? Think you made a bad decision with a top load washer instead of sticking to a front load like you’ve had for years? Not to worry about Lowe’s appliances! You can change your mind with no questions asked and they will make it right. Just another service that your local Paso Robles Lowe’s provides.


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