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Dr. Bonnie Lyon – Relationship Counselor Paso Robles

Meet Dr. Bonnie Lyon, Incredible Counselor That Can See Your Soul Without The Physical Ability To See.

As I walked into her office to meet Dr. Bonnie Lyon for the first time, I was distracted by all of the positive messages and words of inspiration she had mounted all over her walls.

As I looked around her little place it felt cozy and made me feel right at home. She had chairs all set up with notepads and pens resting on them. She had snacks prepared and it looked like she was expecting guests later on that evening.

It was a very positive little place and I felt upbeat and happy to be there already!

Oh, and I hadn’t even met with Dr. Bonnie yet!

All of her decorations and the way she had set up here room took my attention away and almost made me forget that I had an appointment with her! I hurried up to walk up to her to introduce myself.

Once I got to talking to Bonnie, I could tell right away that I was talking to someone special.

Bonnie Lyon is a counselor here in Paso Robles that helps people with their relationships. She has been a counselor for most of her life, here on the central coast. She moved away to New Mexico for about 5 years to be near her son that was in the U.S. Air Force. She came back after her son got his life in order and all settled in.

We talked for a while. Being a counselor, she tells me, “The biggest and most important relationship we all have to fix is the relationship we all have with ourselves.”

She continued, “Much of the problems people have with relationships first start off by individuals not being honest with themselves and who they really are.

She asks her clients a simple question, “Who do you think you are? Seriously, who do you think you are?” 

That is a great question I thought to myself.

She explained to me that she tells her clients that it’s who you think you are that ultimately creates the reality of who you are.

As she explained all these things to me with a great big smile on her face, she continued to tell me that she had to ask herself that very same question because she, too, didn’t know who she really was.

As she continued to talk to me she kinda paused and said, “You know, I have not been able to see you there in front of me this whole time?”

“Why?” I asked

“Because I’ve lost my eyesight. I lost my vision many, many years ago!” She responded.

I was shocked to hear that!

This woman is completely lost her eyesight and yet, she decorated her office so beautifully, put up all of those great inspirational quotes, set up all those chairs for a workshop, was preparing snacks, and was sitting there typing away on her laptop when I first got there to meet her!

She explained to me that she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that attacks her eyes and that doctors told her that she would slowly lose her vision. It happened slowly through the years until one day she woke up and was no longer able to see.

In the beginning, she was ashamed of her handicap.

Nobody wants to be around a blind person. People walk away from people with a white cane and see them as a burden. How could this have happened to her? No one in her family had lost their vision like she had. She wanted to hide away from the world.


It was that handicap that made her rise up to do even more.

She accepted her handicap as an advantage and not a disadvantage.

Now, she would be able to see a person for who they really are without having to judge their outward appearance.

As I continued talking to her I realized how much this woman does that it’s amazing!

She does free workshops every Wednesday nights to get her name out there and show people what she has to offer.

As I learned more about her, I realized that she is not just a counselor but also a speaker and an author!

She has had her own radio shows here on the central coast, has had interviews on other radio shows, and has just recently finished up a book that is getting published as I type this up.

Her book is titled:

Through The Tunnel: Unlock The Pain Of Your Past And Find The Courage To Grow Up, Not Just Old

Great title I thought since the way that she lost her vision was best described as her vision narrowing down more and more every year like a fading light down a tunnel.

Her whole goal in life is to help people get rid of their emotional pains and have them enjoy life a lot more.

She does this with her private counseling where she uses humor and fun. She tries to create a comfortable atmosphere for her clients and does special dinner nights.

For example…

She actually set up dinners where she has her couples clients blindfolded during the entire experience so they are forced to communicates with one another.

She tells me that she has gotten couples to communicate with one another more in that night than they have in years with that little exercise.

She has a terrific sense of humor but she is also not afraid to tell her clients how it really is.


My little review here on what this woman is capable of doing for anyone needing counseling doesn’t do her any justice. You need to meet her for yourself.

She really can see the soul of a person without having the ability to actually physically see them.

Her demographic target for relationship counseling here in Central Coast is the ages of 38 years old and up. Anyone can join one of here free counseling workshops that she holds on Wednesday evenings at 1227 Park Street Suite B down at the corner of 12th and Park in Paso Robles, right across the street from the City Park.

Her phone number to reach her is (805) 286-8606

It really was a privilege speaking with Dr. Bonnie Lyon. I look forward to meeting her again.

Lucky for me. She lives here on the Central Coast.


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