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Brad Dyck Chiropractor – Paso Robles

Being Adjusted By A Chiropractor As A Baby (Only 3 Weeks Old!) Left This Man Wanting to Pursue The Practice Himself

About 10 years ago, I picked something up the wrong way while I was at work and felt a “twinge” in my back.

I knew right away I hurt something. At first, I didn’t think it was that big a deal. I tried to ride out the pain and figured it would go away after a while.

A few days went by and it started to hurt like hell.

Worst of all, I didn’t know what to do about it!

What was a doctor gonna do? Tell me what I already knew?

Was I gonna keep resting it and riding out the pain till it got better?


It wasn’t getting any better.

Then, I remembered someone telling me to go visit a chiropractor. My thoughts went immediately to…

Really? A chiropractor?

All that came to my head was a bunch of crazy ideas about what probably takes place at a chiropractors office. I thought about getting twisted up like a pretzel. I had visions of someone yanking my limbs and getting my limbs all twisted up. I also thought I was gonna my neck snapped and a guy was going to do a bunch of “hocus pocus” techniques to get me to think that I will get eventually get better.

This is the story I was telling Brad Dyck over at Brad Dyck Chiropractic when I went in to do his business review for this website. He told me that what I said is exactly what people think when they first think about visiting a chiropractor.

He tells me that people think that chiropractic doctors are all about back adjustments, neck twisting, and moving bones around. In reality, chiropractors are experts at aligning the nerves in the nervous system.

He says his job is to align the spine, joints, and muscles that could simply be outta place on the body due to our everyday activities. He went on further to explain that with all those things all outta place, your tissues and nerves could experience pain.

He explained to me how the spine is the central hub of all of the nerves in our body. How our brain is connected to our nervous system in the spine. How taking care of your spine can help with all other health issues since that nervous system branches out to all of our limbs, hands, feet and even throughout our organs.

So, in other words, everything is connected to the spine.

And Brad Dyck knows what he’s talking about.

He has been a local chiropractor in Paso Robles for running now into his 17th year of business.

He tells me that he was adjusted for the first time when he was only 3 weeks old by a chiropractor his mom took him to.

That guy must have made an impression since he wanted to do the practice himself when he grew up!


He didn’t go out to become a chiropractor right away.

Instead, he went out to become a landscape contractor, of all things! He did this for 13 years but still thought about becoming a chiropractor during that time.

Then, one day, he serviced a customer that just happened to be a chiropractor. As he got to talking with his customer he told him about how he too wanted to try a career as a chiropractor but hadn’t done it yet. This particular customer told him that he should attend an open house for a chiropractor schooling that was being held at that particular time.

So, he did. That open house inspired him to go out and do it.

He decided to make the jump and become a chiropractor. He attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, CA.

He got his degree and went out to start his own practice.

Of course, in the beginning, it was tough for him. The hardest part of his practice was trying to get his name “out there” and make a name for himself. But, Brad knew his stuff and was starting to fix some people up and alleviate their pains.

I know…

I was one of those people.

It was Brad Dyck Chiropractic that I went out to see those 10 years ago when I first hurt my back.  I still remember feeling weird about the whole experience but Brad made me feel comfortable and right at home.

He worked his magic. He sent me home to rest.

It took a day or two but I was amazed that my back pain was long gone!

I could not believe it! It was from that point on that I have 100% faith in Chiropractors and I could see why Brad has had a successful running practice here for so many years.

He tells me the hardest part of the business these days is dealing with all the paperwork, the calling, and billing of insurance companies. I can only imagine what his practice must go through in that tangled mess.

Other than that, he likes the way business has gone for him and the route he took to get where he’s at today.

It’s funny to hear so many business owners tell me the same sorta of thing…

Building their businesses up was tough in the beginning and a struggle. But, if they could go back, they wouldn’t want it any other way. They enjoyed the process and the journey.

For now, Brad Dyck continues to do what he does best, and that is getting rid of peoples pain. He has gone out to seek more education and learn more about the soft tissues of the human body. He is exploring massage therapy that will eventually go hand in hand with his chiropractic practice.

He tells me that if you are in pain of any sort to come on in and see him. Even if you have a hard time dealing with your insurance or don’t have any at all, his treatments are incredibly affordable and will be well worth it to alleviate your pain.

You can see the passion he has for what he does.

Go see him today!

You can call his office at (805)238-6004 or swing by and see him at 1020 17th Street in Paso Robles across the street from True Value Hardware and that sweet new off-ramp/on-ramp to highway 101.

You can also visit his Facebook page here.


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