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New Resident To The Central Coast Brings With Him The Ability To Bring Lifeless Tile, Stone, And Granite Back To Vibrant Life.


When Branon Whitaker made his move from the Bay Area down to the Central Coast, here in Paso Robles, he brought with him a unique set of skills.

And what set of skills is that you might ask?

The ability to bring back anything made of stone or tile from the brink of death.

From the pictures you see (look down below) of the work that he does, you can plainly see that what he is able to pull off is really quite incredible!

He tells me that he is able to save people thousands of dollars from replacing old tile and old countertops that people might otherwise just toss thinking it’s ruined beyond repair.

It’s a skill he has learned and mastered over the past 15 years. He started it out working for another company with a friend of his when they were both outta high school. It was in big demand up north and it kept him busy all those years.


He became a father.

And as it happens with all new parents, this caused him to think about bigger things in life, and providing a great life for his new son was one of them.

He knew living up in the bay area, where the cost of living was through the stratosphere, was going to be a tough place to raise his son and provide him what he needed. There was also plenty of established stone and tile restoration businesses already churning away and doing great up there too. Making a name for himself to get his own thing going up there was going to be tough.

So, he decided to make the move to our awesome Central Coast.

Yea, the cost of living ain’t all that cheap down here, but it’s WAY cheaper down here compared to up north.

He saw an opening to start his own business doing what he has learned and mastered for the past 15 years. He saw a chance to be his own boss, set his own schedule, and follow his own rules. He also saw the opportunity to share, with a new community, the great quality and great customer service he provides in a nitch that many have not even heard of before and that is actually quite needed.


Shower tile repair, tile grout repairs, tile floor resurfacing, countertop repairs, and stone repairs in San Luis Obispo County are things that save thousands of dollars for homeowners, contractors, and anyone looking at home improvements.

He can do things you also wouldn’t expect.

He can do things like fixing a single piece of tile that tweaked out and was installed incorrectly. He can patch up a crack in marble and save it from being tossed in the trash. He can make colors “pop” and come back to life.

How does he do it? I won’t go into all of his secrets here, but the way he explained it to me was similar to the way someone sands wood. You start with a hard course grit of paper and gradually go down to a finer and finer grit.

He does it all without creating dust too!

Don’t know how he does it but the results are mind-blowing when he’s done.

He also provides services to help seal and protect all these types of services. From what he explains to me, moisture and just the aging of the stone can wear it out after a while.

He is hoping to establish a large business and be able to hire out more people. (That’s always a good thing for our economy!) He is slowly but surely starting to spread the word out about the services he provides. His hopes are that by showing the great quality work and saving people hundreds if not thousands of dollars, he will start getting some traction and start getting some referrals.

He says all of the people here on the Central Coast seem incredibly friendly and kind.

For example…

He tells me he introduced himself to a local stone vendor in town and brought with him a batch of cookies. They appreciated that so much and referred some work his way just for that act of kindness!

Meeting him personally, I could tell he is going to fit right into the Central Coast. Give it some time, and his business will definitely be a fit in this county too.

If you need any type of tile repair, grout repair, countertop refinishing, countertop repair, or any type of stone restoration here in San Luis Obispo County, give him a call at 805-296-3861




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