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Victoria’s Beauty Salon

Victoria’s Hair Salon In Atascadero – Highly Reviewed Salon That Started With $10 Haircuts

Back in 2008 and 2009 when the economy is in the middle of a meltdown a woman made the decision to come out to a town she knew nothing about and start fresh with an all-new hair salon called Victoria’s Beauty Salon in Atascadero, CA.

Originally from Arizona, Victoria made the journey out to Atascadero and looked for a building to start up her own hair salon in the now closed down Spencer’s Fresh Market shopping center. Having family live out in the valley in cities like Hanford and Lemoore, she thought, “Why not come out to someplace I don’t know anything about, set up a new salon, and use my stylist skills to get something going?”

So she did.

She set up shop at 8767 El Camino Real, in Atascadero. Looking to make a name for herself, she put up a banner where people could see it off of the road on El Camino Real. Then Banner simply said “haircuts $10”. We were right in the middle of that rough recession where people were cutting back on expenses on just about anywhere they could, this, of course, included haircuts.

Naturally, this caught a lot of people’s attention and they made the stop to visit Victoria’s Beauty Salon. Little did they know they were about to be “wowed” by her high energy, enthusiasm, and incredible hair stylist skills.

The business started off slow at first but she slowly started to gain some traction. In no time at all, she started to get a regular group of clientele visiting her hair salon on a monthly basis. A lot of people came in for that $10 haircut and she knew there was not much money to be made doing that. It was a deal she was willing to make and it was something that simple that drew a bunch of new traffic through her door to a brand new hair salon.

Victoria has had quite a bit of business experience. She’s owned and managed larger salons out in Arizona where she once lived.

She understands business.

In business, you are going to have to pay one way or another to gain customers and a regular group of clientele. She knew that a business is going to have to spend hundreds of dollars on radio ads, on local advertisements like a small town’s local paper, coupon clipper mailers that get sent out to the community, or maybe even some ads on local radio to get the word out about what the business provides.

She says that you must get your name out there one way or another first, then if you’re good at your craft or skill those people will come back again and again.Her strategy was to sacrifice the additional revenue she would earn on a regular priced haircut by only charging $10. She figured that this would work especially well at a time when everyone was pinching pennies and trying to save a buck. This seemed like the perfect strategy to start her salon.She understood that when she got people through her door and were able to experience her styling skills and get to know her personality that they were going to want to come back again and again.

She was right! 

People did, in fact, did kept coming back again and again. People absolutely fell in love with Victoria and her personality. Not only that, they really love her work. She has stellar reviews online that she’s never even read. She frequently gets 5 Star reviews on Yelp, on Google reviews, and even Facebook reviews. A lot of local businesses would kill for such reviews as it helps them promote their image online for their services.

But Victoria? She honestly says she could care less!

I as a writer for this won’t tell her, that those reviews really do matter! But hey, as long as she keeps doing what she keeps doing, business is going to keep on coming in.

She has had her daughter Yeli working alongside with her for the past couple years and she is following along and learning her mother’s great skills. Together they’ve built quite the successful little hair salon here in Atascadero California.

Make sure you pay a visit Victoria’s Beauty Salon next time you need a haircut or looking for a new stylist. You can reach the salon by calling 805-466-4474 or visiting them at their location at 8767 El Camino Real, Atascadero 93422.


  1. I love Victoria’s Salon. Victoria is such a delight and is very good at her craft. Being a retired Salon owner, you recognize who is good and who isn’t. Victoria is a fantastic hair dresser!


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